Blazing Drake drop

Blazing Drake drop

Blazing Drake to drop is a tricky treat. It is from one of the most annoying instances to farm – Dragon Soul and also you compete with one other mount to drop from the same boss – Deathwing. It took me 53 attempts to get but the farm is not over. I should continue just as I’ve farmed until now because I have the life-binder maiden still to obtain. Hope it drops soon because it is my last one from Dragon Soul and I can’t wait to be over with this instance.

Blazing DrakeBlazing Drake 53 attempts

I have a video:



Rare Mounts Extreme drop Compilation

WoW Extremely Rare Mounts drop Compilation

Rare Mounts! It is ideology in the game and I have been collecting videos of my kills for a number of years now and they can all be seen on this page but I’ve never tried to get them into a single video – a compilation of sort. So I decided to go ahead and give it a try. After some editing the result is this and I think it’s awesome. From Ashes of Al’ar, through Invincible, Time Lost Proto Drake, Fiery Warhorse, Mimiron’s Head and much more.

Rare Mounts



How to build your million gold empire – WoD

How to build a million gold empire in Warlords of Draenor – your own gold making machine and self-sufficient system

I have to admit that in Warlords of Draenor I don’t have as much time to play so since WoD released I adopted a strange and lazy way of playing the game. First milestone was 1 million gold but that easily becomes an easy target. This can go beyond. I leveled my main to 100 and then I stayed in the garrison. My alts? I got them into Draenor and got them stuck in the Garrison. I was leveling only through missions and I found my way to level 98 not long after – on all of them at almost the same time.

Leveling through missions Leveling through missions2 Leveling through missions3

And this on all my 90 level alts – all 6 of them. Have them settled in Draenor and get them into the Garrison. Once you are there, start building your empire.

Garrison Buildings

I used the same configuration of buildings on all of them.

Barracks – for the 25 follower limit
Inn – for getting the right followers + some inn missions that are mostly gold related which is exactly what we want
Bunker – To get your followers to ilvl and also to get your seals and higher % of upgrades of items
Trading Post – so you can trade your unused garrison resources for materials for your professions
Profession buildings – Each character has the Profession buildings for his own professions. The ones with gathering professions I use a Storehouse
Scavenger Yard – This is a must on all characters. I gather around 150 caches for a month per char, scavenge them all and get some thousands of gold

Your first Followers:

If you want to go around Draenor and get the easy followers that would be a good start and you must do it. I did it as well.

Some quick followers:

Delvar – Just to Ashran once you are in Draenor. Use the portal in your Garrison near the mine.

Blook  – Go to Gorgrond and take him!

Tormok – Go to Gorgrond 44.9, 86.9 and save him from some invaders. After you are done fighting you can recruit him

Gemcutter – Go to Shadowmoon Valley 42.8, 40.3 and start the quest directly. If he is not there just wait a few min. After the even he will offer himself

Bruma – You will get this follower from your first mission.

Daleera – You should get this follower from a mission soon after your start.

Leorjah – This one is a bit further. It requires level 96. Leorajh is decently hidden to the mountains of Spires of Arak. Head first to his cave (55,3; 68,5) north-west from Pinchwhistle Gearworks. On both sides of his cave entrance there are paths curving to right alongside the mountain. After climbing up, you’ll find another cave (roughly directly above Leorajh’s cave) where you can find few mobs and Leorajh.

There are some more followers that you could find but you have to go around and do a few quests. Use this guide to navigate

Lunarfall Inn followers choice:

Apart from getting followers from Draenor, your best follower income will be from the Lunarfall Inn. Your primary choice of followers will be traits based – Treasure Hunter, Greasy-monkey, Scavenger, Epic Mount.

Once things have settled I relied  on the Inn to supply me with followers. My main pick was in the beginning was Scavenger so I can get better Garrison Resources count, then a few epic mounts so i can reduce the time on the 10 hrs experience missions and then Treasure hunter and last Greasemonkey.

after you reach 98 you got a lot of rested exp and the missions leveling starts to be really slow. So buy a Experience potion for 200 Garrison and go to Nagrand. I promise you with the exp boost and the rested, you will be 100 in an hour!

Once you are level 100 upgrade your Garrison to level 3 and start the quest to open your Shipyard. Shipyard is also an essential part of the gold making machine and follow the lead. No special instructions there. Do your missions and raise your Shipyard level. at first you will need to go and do one or  two dailies for Oil in Tanaan Jungle but once your followers kick in you should be able to supply your own Oil only through missions. When a ship is destroyed by a failed mission and don’t worry this happens a lot, go and rebuild.

In time and especially through your Garrison Cache you will have abundance of Garrison Resources and you will spend it on materials for your professions through your Trading Post. Every day the prices in the post vary from 4 to 10 a piece. You obviously want to wait for the price to be 4 and buy out as many as you want. Let your alts help each other by supplying mats if one is low on garrison resources. So this is the key for your gold machine to be self-sufficient. I realized that I was spending a lot of gold in the AH to buy mats for my alts so they can do stuff with their professions. I then decided to use my Garrison Resources across my alts to supply these mats and my gold income sky rocketed.


– Just do your main daily cooldown and supply your work orders.

This is how i make gold using my professions. Important tips on what to do with your professions ! Btw staying your garrison means that your gathering professions are useless but I still kept them. If you want to be super-optimized dump them.

Blacksmithing – Main trade is the Steelforged Greataxe. It is a blue 630ilvl. My suggestion is that you upgrade it to 675 with 3x Steelforged Essences.Go and sell for 15k in the AH. The cost to craft is really low. Savage blood x 45 you take some from your Alchemists and some you just buy off the AH. The Sorcerous Earth you get enough from work orders. One tip how you can get some free mats is the primal trader. She trades Savage bloods and Sorcerous elements for Primal Mights which you get loads from missions on each char. This makes your entire axe virtually free. I have 2 Blacksmiths so I do several axes a month.

Engineering – Useless to create Gearspring parts. Don’t do them. I wasted precious resources to craft ~4000 of them before I realized there is nothing profitable to craft. Engineering in WoD is good for old crafting like Sky Golem which is getting higher in price every month.. One problem there. It is a MoP item and in WoD the materials are a bit expensive so you need to get creative. So… you can do one golem every month. It requires 30x Jards and 30x Living Steel. For the Jards i buy bars directly from the AH but the Living Steel is pain. It is done by Alchemy transmutes and it requires 6x Trillium bars for 1 Living Steel. The Trillium bar is 60g each so you can’t buy it from the AH. Living Steel bars in AH are also quite expensive – 400g each so if i buy them off directly I lose much of my profit from the golem. I personally wait for Trillium ores to be around 10 gold each, I send them to my miner, he smelts them to bars, then the Alchemists transmute them to Living Steel. They are transmute masters so if you are lucky and it procs – win big time. The Sky Golem currently sells for around 24k. I think it will go up. I have 1 engineer.

Alchemy – I mainly transmute Savage Blood but occasionally I do Living Steel transmutes. I have 3 Transmute Master Alchemists. Keep up with the Work Orders because the Transmutes are expensive and you may run out of Alchemy Catalysts and you will be forced to buy from the AH.

Mining – I have one. Useless for a garrison empire. It occasionally smelts trillium. That’s all 😀

Leatherworking – Quite useless. Like engineering, I too late realized that the Burnished Leather is no good for anything profitable. I have stopped doing anything with leatherworking at the moment.

Skinning – I just have it for the fun. No real use.

Herbalism – No real use for the current config. I keep one just to have it, same as Skinning and Mining.

Tailoring – Good profession. Like my Blacksmithing, it is the main source of gold income from professions. Main source – Bags. The MoP and the WoD bags. Hexweave Bag and Royal Satchel which is crafted by this recipe. Everyday do your Hexweave cooldown, your work orders and your Imperial Silk.  Imperial Silk – Consumes the daily cooldown and 8  Bolt of Windwool Cloth and the Windwool cloth you can buy from the AH. In WoD it is cheap. So I have 2 Tailors and they mass produce 2 types of bags and the market is always hungry. The prices are dropping but they are still really good. Especially with the amount of bags you produce on monthly basis.

Inscription – Same as Blacksmithing. Use it to create staves up to 675 and you can even make some money from glyphs. Mine is still in developing as I have it on my brand new level 100 Warlock.

Gearing up

– Without going of the garrison you will still be offered the basic spoils from these 3 caches.

In all this, your alts and your main will not be forgotten gear-wise. There are 3 missions that would gear you up with 655, 670 and 685 ilvl items. My alts are on average ilvl 676.

685 ilvl – From Naval Mission this and you can expect it once every two weeks. It awards ilvl 685 item including a tier set

670 ilvl – From Blackrock Foundy Missions. Once every two weeks.

655 ilvl – From Highmaul Missions. Once every two weeks.

Another way to gear up even further (ilvl695) is to spend your Apexis on Baleful gear. And you will have a lot of these. Go to Tanaan and speak with the Order of the Awakened bird quartermaster.


I would put some priority in mind for taking the missions. I personally go for Good Rare Missions->Gold->Oil->Resources->Apexis->Primals->stupid Rare Missions. From personal experience know that anything below 90% has a really high chance of failing. The below is just a fraction of the disappointments I’ve faced.

million gold million gold million gold million gold

million gold


In all fairness – you need preparation for your empire but it will pay big time. I could even buy flying without leaving the garrison, I am paying for my WoW time with tokens every month – in EU 62k gold, I’ve bought my Alliance chopper for 100k, pets for hundreds of thousands, The MoP Yak for more than 100k and so much more. So reaching a million gold with this empire is easy.

I started using an Excel spreadsheet in May so I can track my progress. It has been quite a journey since. I’ve learned from my mistakes and last months the gold is really going up when everything is optimized.  I am even thinking of expanding this to some more level 100 chars ( i have 3 left to level up ) and changing some of my professions. This is a link to my spreadsheet.

Here is a video of how my day in WoW goes. It is usually around 15 min but in the video I try to explain so it is double that.




Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest completed

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest completed

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest legendary chain is now completed and the link to wowhead is mine ! Took me a lot to do it. I actually started it on level 90 and finished it level 100.

You start with collecting 25 embers, then doing the hard Delegation quest, then collect1 1000 cinders and then collect 250 Smouldering Essences. Once essences are done you kill Ragnaros, take this heart and you are done !

Dragonwrath feat