Optimal Champion setup in Legion (All classes)

Optimal Champion setup in Legion (All classes)

Just like in WoD, missions and champions (followers) in Legion are a big deal and can make you a fortune. At the moment with 13 Characters (12 Alliance one of each class + 1 Horde character). If it sounds a lot, well it’s a long path to get there but leveling alts is easy through Legion invasions. After that you just develop your Class Hall campaign, Legionfall mission and then the Argus missions. Then it’s all about choosing the correct followers and gear them up with the top champion gear. This is what we are going to discuss here. Here is a timeline of what you need to do on a characters to follow this arc:

Level to 110 -> Complete your Class Hall campaign -> Complete Legionfall campaign -> Complete Argus campaign -> Get champions to ilvl 900 -> Get Meatball -> Get champions to ilvl 925 -> Get champions to ilvl 950 -> Complete Felfire Shattering quest -> Gear up your chars with top gear

For every class i will be following this logic – 7 champions, 1 will be a combat ally with Order Resources gear to help you earn resources easier, the other 6 champion will be 2 champions of each of the 3 specs and every threat to be countered by at least 2 champions – Spell, Minions and Hazards. 7th Champion will be Meatball so you have to earn him too. For months now i have been using Meatball as a fighting force and not as a combat ally but that’s causing issues at times and i believe Meatball being a Combat Ally to be the most optimal solution, especially now that in Arugs Meatball is being less effective.



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