Doing Insane in the Membrane

Doing Insane in the Membrane

The accomplishment and achievement that I am most proud of and had most fun with in my WoW Farming ( Not Raiding ) Career is with no doubt the Insane in the Membrane achievement. I did it before any nerfs and when it was the most hardcore. When cloth was really expensive, when you had to farm anything on your own, with Shen’dralar reputation was still a requirement and when Darkmoon Faire reputation was horrifically insane to level up.

Insane in the Membrane


After I was done with it I was actually surprised to find that the fruits of my labor and especially the leftover trinkets of my Darkmoon Faire farm were actually worth a fortune. I sold them and then I was able to regain all my money invested into the achievement ( ~35k which back then was money ! ) and actually be on profit.
It was insane fun and unforgettable experience. I was so impressed that I even started writing a guide. The guide was too long and I didn’t have the time to finish it and is also nowadays obsolete but might still give you an idea of the achievement –

So here is my collection of screenshots for doing the Insane in the Membrane! Enjoy

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