Differences between Warcraft movie and Lore

Differences between Warcraft movie and Lore

Let’s go and check what were the differences between the movie and the actual lore.

1. Garona speaking the Common language so quickly

2. Orgrim Doomhammer is presented in the movie as a Frostwolf Clan member but in reality he was from the Blackrock Clan

3. In the movie it is presented as if the Fel magic alone is responsible for the corruption of Medivh, while in reality he was possessed by Sargeras as well which actually was the main reason for the downfall of the Guardian

4. Draka and Durotan’s deaths in the movie were different. Draka and Durotan died together betrayed in an ambush while in the movie Draka died next to the river after saving Thrall and Durotan died in a duel with Gul’dan (which was a lot more epic than sadly dying in an ambush). Also Thrall was found in the snow and not Moses-style in basket floating in the river

Differences between warcraft movie and lore

5. Warchief Blackhand’s death. In the movie Blackhand dies from the hand of Anduin Lothar but in reality he dies by the hand of Orgrim Doomhammer who seized the opportunity to kill the Warchief while Gul’dan had slipped into a comma. And all this after the destruction of Stormwind while in the movie it was before even marching to Stormwind


6. Medivh’s death. In the movie Khadgar stabs Medivh while in reality Lothar finished him off by decapitating his head after being stabbed. Also Medivh sucks the life from Khadgar’s body and turns him older while in the movie this doesn’t happen

differences between warcraft movie and lore

7. Garona’s assassination of King Llane. In the movie King Llane and Garona agreed that Garona will finish off the king so she can be redeemed to the Orcs and continue her mission while in reality she was mind controlled by Gul’dan and assassinated King Llane back in his castle in the worst possible moment for the Alliance

8. There is no indication that sacrifice of life is needed to power on the Dark Portal anywhere in the lore while in the movie it seems to be a requirement. Fel magic in general fel magic does exactly that but nowhere in the lore, draenei lives powered the opening of the Dark portal

9. The Khadgar-Medivh relationship. In the movie, their relationship was quite unexplained and rushed and they didn’t seem to be very close. In reality Medivh trained him for quite some time and they had a quite solid student/teacher relationship

10. Thrall’s green skin. In the movie Thrall is given green skin by Gul’dan saving his life because he is a stillborn. In reality Thrall had been given birth alive and well and already green-skinned by the corrupting energies on Draenor

11. The badass moment with Kargath Bladefist and Grommash Hellscream. In the movie they were shown fighting in the Dark Portal battle but in reality they never took part in the First War and remained on Draenor to keep Ner’zhul in chained

12. Stormwind’s fate. Not sure if this is a difference or they decided not to finish the entirety of the First War in the movie but in reality Stormwind falls shortly after Garona’s assassination of King Llane and this is how the First War ends. It is not shown in the movie. Also the forming of the Alliance takes place in Stormwind in the movie while in reality Lothar and the survivors of the First War are fleeing north and only then they unite the Human Kingdoms into the Alliance of Lordaeron

13. Dalaran floating in the sky. Dalaran was not flown into the skies before the Invasion of the Scourge much further into the future

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4 thoughts on “Differences between Warcraft movie and Lore

  1. – Garona is Half-Human and Half-Orc. This has been said by the Director.
    – Agion (?) – lady in the Black Cube was supposed to be a male.

    * I suspect Life is needed to power the Dark Portal. I mean, come’on! It’s Blizzard.. they had multiple rape scenes in lore.

  2. Joe- Idc what the director said but in the lore Garona is half draenie not half human. She finds this out in the lore.
    Good job Djongov

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