Optimal Champion setup in Legion (All classes)

Optimal Champion setup in Legion (All classes)

Just like in WoD, missions and champions (followers) in Legion are a big deal and can make you a fortune. At the moment with 13 Characters (12 Alliance one of each class + 1 Horde character). If it sounds a lot, well it’s a long path to get there but leveling alts is easy through Legion invasions. After that you just develop your Class Hall campaign, Legionfall mission and then the Argus missions. Then it’s all about choosing the correct followers and gear them up with the top champion gear. This is what we are going to discuss here. Here is a timeline of what you need to do on a characters to follow this arc:

Level to 110 -> Complete your Class Hall campaign -> Complete Legionfall campaign -> Complete Argus campaign -> Get champions to ilvl 900 -> Get Meatball -> Get champions to ilvl 925 -> Get champions to ilvl 950 -> Complete Felfire Shattering quest -> Gear up your chars with top gear

For every class i will be following this logic – 7 champions, 1 will be a combat ally with Order Resources gear to help you earn resources easier, the other 6 champion will be 2 champions of each of the 3 specs and every threat to be countered by at least 2 champions – Spell, Minions and Hazards. 7th Champion will be Meatball so you have to earn him too. For months now i have been using Meatball as a fighting force and not as a combat ally but that’s causing issues at times and i believe Meatball being a Combat Ally to be the most optimal solution, especially now that in Arugs Meatball is being less effective.



Top 15 Must-Have Addons for World of Warcraft in 2017

Top 10 Must-Have Addons for WoW

Addons are unique because they are personal and everyone can choose his own UI but we can agree that there are addons that are a MUST for every player. Some might just find them now so here are 10 of the must-have addons in World of Warcraft for any type of player regardless of your main priorities – raider, farmer, pvper.

1. Recount

We couldn’t imagine playing WoW without knowing what our performance is. Whether it’s healing or tanking or dpsing. Recount is the top tool and a must-have addon. It measures DPS, Healing, Damage Taken and it has the ability to produce graphs, scales and pie charts and is able to go into the very detail of your combat performance

Recount: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/recount

Another popular alternative to Recount is Skada – https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/skada

2. Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods or DBM is the most downloaded and most widely used addon out there. To current date it has more than 157 million downloads ranking it the top addon in the world. It provides raiding, dungeon and PVP information of the instance you are in and what cooldown timers the current encounter has.

DBM: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods

Popular Alternative: BigWigs: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/big-wigs

3. OmniCC

OmniCC is a simple addon but the game still relies on it. It provides a beautiful cooldown timer on your action bar buttons. That’s it! Ingenious and invaluable.


4. Bartender/RazerNage – Action bars altering addons

The movement for using the built-in Blizzard UI and bars is strong even in 2017 but you would always want to tweak this and that. If you strictly are a fan of the Blizzard action bars but you still want to move things around, maybe the addon for you is Move Anything

Bartender4: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/bartender4

RazerNaga (even if you don’t have Razer Naga mouse) https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/razernaga

Move Anything: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/move-anything

5. HandyNotes

This must-have addon puts the secret Treasure locations directly onto your map and mini map and also gives info on where to find it like “in cave – entrance 56 42”. It has a main module and little modules for every expansion and every hard special location. If you want the one for Pandaria and Draenor, you are in luck – they work perfect

Main addon (required): https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/handynotes

Legion: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/handynotes_legiontreasures

The rest: https://mods.curse.com/search?game-slug=wow&search=HandyNotes

6. Rarity

Rarity is an addon that gives you info on what drops from where and it tracks the number of tries. It also has a beautiful animation, once you have found a rare trackable item and it puts it into a Feat of Strength frame with the number of tries it took you

Rarity: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/rarity

7. Postal

Postal is a simple but invaluable addon. It gives some functionality to your otherwise ineffective mailbox. It automatically autocompletes alts and characters from your friendlist so you don’t have to type manually and the most important feature -> There is a Open All button which makes this addon an absolute MUST

Postal: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/postal

8. Altoholic

Now this is an addon that you cannot live without. Everyone has an alt. Even if it’s not a fighting alt, it is a bank alt. Forget about logging off, logging in with one of your alts to search for this cloth or ore. You can now do it from Altoholic. Altoholic adds who else of your characters has this item when hovered and adds it as a tooltip. It also has an auction house-like interface which allows you to search for items, achievements, dungeon progress, collective gold, total played time and so much more. A trully must-have addon

Altoholic: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/altoholic

9. NPCScan

Although NPCScan has been greatly nerfed in the 6.X patches in Draenor due to mechanic of caching monsters, NPCScan is still, to date in Legion, invaluable addon to track down Rares. It also has the ability to show spawn locations and lists of all rares in the zone. You can also add custom NPCs to the addon so you are alerted when near/clicking.

NPCScan: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/npcscan

And you will also need: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/npcscan-overlay

10. Titan Panel

This is an old school addon that not everybody uses but if you try it, it’s narcotics. It provides a panel on top of your screen that helps you keep track of:

  • Location with coordinates
  • Gold with the ability to show total gold, gold per char, gold per hour
  • Session details – What’s your played, how much you have played since logged in, how much exp/hour, est. time to level
  • Durability
  • Bags – It shows your bag status. For example – 132/136. You are close to being full and you will know it right away
  • Lag – It has the ability to show you your ping and fps right onto your screen
  • Slick design – it is very slick and small in design. Doesn’t cut any portions of your screen unnecessarily
  • Much more

Titan Panel: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/titan-panel

11. Prat 3.0

Prat is a must-have chat addon. On its own, Blizzard chat has little functionality. With prat you have the ability to:

  • have timestamp on the chat, important for seeing yells from rares and chats
  • Have the role of the person chatting
  • Put class colors
  • Copy/Paste links!
  • Much more

Prat 3.0: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/prat-3-0

12. Bagnon

Bagnon is a very popular addon. I personally, don’t want my bags split but all of my friends do and use this addon. Extremely popular

Bagnon: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/bagnon

13. Raid Achievement/Overachiever

Overachiever is an addon that will show tooltips when you click on something and will tell you if there is an achievement associated with it. Also provides some functionality to the Achievements interface

Raid Achievement is an addon that will tell you if you have failed progress on an achievement. For example, you are doing Lich King and you need to know when the ghosts achievement is ready, the addon will print it out in chat.

Overachiever: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/overachiever

Raid Achievement – https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/raidachievement

14. TomTom

TomTom is your WoW GPS. It has the ability for you to input coordinates and a big green arrow will lead you there while saying how much you have left until your destination and is also showing the yards remaining to the target. If you are questing or doing achievements or trying to get somewhere and you are browsing Wowhead.com, almost every comment has ready pathways for TomTom. Just right click on your map or use a command /way 54 23 or /way 54 23 Northern Barrens and that’s it! On top of that the addon works in integration with other addons, such as Archy – the Archaeology assistant.

TomTom: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/tomtom

15. Other

Profession based –

  • Ackis Recipe – Provides insight on how many recipes you have obtained for your profession and where to find your missing recipies. Although with Legion, the Blizzard UI for Professions has the “Unlearned” tab, Ackis is still better equipped.

All Ackis addons: https://mods.curse.com/search?search=Ackis+Recipe+List

  • Archy – Archaeological assistant – TomTom integration, invaluable for those doing any kind of Archaeological digging.

Archy: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/archy

  • Fishing Buddy – If you fish, absolute must-have. Tracks catches, allows casts with right click, autoquip of angling gear, auto-turn in quests, auto applying of bait

Fishing Buddy: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/fishingbuddy

Battle Pets –

  • PetJournal Enhanced – It enhanced filtering functionality to the Pet Journal. A must-have definitely

PetJournal Enhanced: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/pet-journal-enhanced

  • PetTracker – Tracks your progress and missing pets when you enter the zone. It has the ability to display all pets and their spawn locations on the map with search and filtering options. Warns you if the pet in the battle is worth catching if better than yours

PetTracker: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/pettracker

  • BattlePet BreedID – for the maniac Pet hunters, it shows the possible breeds of a pet

BreedID: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/battle_pet_breedid

  • PetBattleMaster – Provides the functionality of creating teams of pets. Absolutely necessary addon

PetBattleMaster: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/petbattlemaster

Unit Frames –

  • Gladius – PVP unit frames showing opponents in arena/BGs, trinket statuses, names, new enemy announces

Gladius: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/gladius

  • Grid – Compact and useful Raid unit frames. Does not provide player/target unit frames

Grid: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/grid

  • Z-Perl – The popular successor to X-Perl. Magnificent Player, Target, Group and Raid UI. My personal choice for UI

Z-Perl: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/zperl

  • Tidy Plates – 2nd most popular Unit frame addon. It’s used by many streamers and wow Pros. Check it out!

Tidy plates: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/tidy-plates

  • Healbot Continued – Automation raid frames. Can use key mouse combos macros and etc. Configurable. Most downloaded Unit Frame addon in the world

Healbot: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/heal-bot-continued

Combat –

  • SCT – Damage – A real old school hardcore addon. 10 years old and still updated and used. The first customized scrolling combat text

SCT: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/sct-damage

MikScrollingBattleText – The most popular scrolling text in the world. Very customizable, you will see it in videos and streams by Pros.

MSBT: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/mik-scrolling-battle-text

  • Quartz – Quartz is a cating bar, a bar showing the swings between autoattacks, Quartz is everything you need

Quartz: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/quartz

  • Parrot 2 – Parrot is a highly customizable scrolling combat text capable of not only make your combat text pretty but also show overkill damage, show overhealing, remove overhealing, show only effective heals coming into the target and most of all it has the ability to summarize all AoE damage. For example, if you do a Divind Storm it will show you the collective damage to all targets. This can be turned off as well

Parrot 2: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/parrot2

Instance/Progress –

  • SavedInstances – A useful addon that shows you the progress of your raid saves across your characters. Useful if you run for mounts with multiple characters

SavedInstances: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/saved_instances

Differences between Warcraft movie and Lore

Differences between Warcraft movie and Lore

Let’s go and check what were the differences between the movie and the actual lore.

1. Garona speaking the Common language so quickly

2. Orgrim Doomhammer is presented in the movie as a Frostwolf Clan member but in reality he was from the Blackrock Clan

3. In the movie it is presented as if the Fel magic alone is responsible for the corruption of Medivh, while in reality he was possessed by Sargeras as well which actually was the main reason for the downfall of the Guardian

4. Draka and Durotan’s deaths in the movie were different. Draka and Durotan died together betrayed in an ambush while in the movie Draka died next to the river after saving Thrall and Durotan died in a duel with Gul’dan (which was a lot more epic than sadly dying in an ambush). Also Thrall was found in the snow and not Moses-style in basket floating in the river

Differences between warcraft movie and lore

5. Warchief Blackhand’s death. In the movie Blackhand dies from the hand of Anduin Lothar but in reality he dies by the hand of Orgrim Doomhammer who seized the opportunity to kill the Warchief while Gul’dan had slipped into a comma. And all this after the destruction of Stormwind while in the movie it was before even marching to Stormwind


6. Medivh’s death. In the movie Khadgar stabs Medivh while in reality Lothar finished him off by decapitating his head after being stabbed. Also Medivh sucks the life from Khadgar’s body and turns him older while in the movie this doesn’t happen

differences between warcraft movie and lore

7. Garona’s assassination of King Llane. In the movie King Llane and Garona agreed that Garona will finish off the king so she can be redeemed to the Orcs and continue her mission while in reality she was mind controlled by Gul’dan and assassinated King Llane back in his castle in the worst possible moment for the Alliance

8. There is no indication that sacrifice of life is needed to power on the Dark Portal anywhere in the lore while in the movie it seems to be a requirement. Fel magic in general fel magic does exactly that but nowhere in the lore, draenei lives powered the opening of the Dark portal

9. The Khadgar-Medivh relationship. In the movie, their relationship was quite unexplained and rushed and they didn’t seem to be very close. In reality Medivh trained him for quite some time and they had a quite solid student/teacher relationship

10. Thrall’s green skin. In the movie Thrall is given green skin by Gul’dan saving his life because he is a stillborn. In reality Thrall had been given birth alive and well and already green-skinned by the corrupting energies on Draenor

11. The badass moment with Kargath Bladefist and Grommash Hellscream. In the movie they were shown fighting in the Dark Portal battle but in reality they never took part in the First War and remained on Draenor to keep Ner’zhul in chained

12. Stormwind’s fate. Not sure if this is a difference or they decided not to finish the entirety of the First War in the movie but in reality Stormwind falls shortly after Garona’s assassination of King Llane and this is how the First War ends. It is not shown in the movie. Also the forming of the Alliance takes place in Stormwind in the movie while in reality Lothar and the survivors of the First War are fleeing north and only then they unite the Human Kingdoms into the Alliance of Lordaeron

13. Dalaran floating in the sky. Dalaran was not flown into the skies before the Invasion of the Scourge much further into the future

10 Major WoW Characters Killed by Arthas

10 Major WoW Characters Killed by Arthas

Our favorite character in World of Warcraft. His story is so epic that it deserves a trilogy of movies. The kill count of Prince Arthas Menethil is a long list of victims but the 10 Major ones are:

1. Kel’Thuzad

Kel’Thuzad was a Kirin Tor mage sitting in the Council of Six and later responsible for creating the Cult of the Damned who aided the Lich King Ner’zhul in spreading the plague across Lordaeron. In Warcraft III Arthas was initially investigating the plague and when he found that Kel’Thuzad was sitting behind the evil plan, he killed him. In a plot twist it turns out that Kel’Thuzad will be the most trusted companion of Arthas so he resurrects him as a lich and they pave the road for Arthas to become the new Lich King.

This is Kel’Thuzad as a human


And this is Kel’Thuzad as a Lich in Naxxramas


2. Uther Lightbringer

Uther Lightbringer was the first paladin in the Order of the Silver Hand and was a veteran hero from the Second War with the Orcs. He was the young prince’s mentor and was dramatically killed by Arthas in Warcraft III. Uther’s kill is actually considered the first act of evil by Arthas which plunged him into damnation.

3. King Terenas Menethil II

Terenas Menethil II was the last true king of Lordaeron and the primary founder of the original Alliance of Lordaeron. Ruling for over seven decades, including the period of the Second and Third Wars, Terenas was considered one of the most powerful human monarchs in the three thousand years since the breaking of Arathor. His death at the hands of his own son ended the Menethil dynasty and deprived the Alliance of its leadership at a critical moment in history.

4. Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas was responsible for the defense of Qual’Thalas during Arthas’ invasion on the city in order to claim the Sunwell and resurrect Kel’Thuzad. His vicious undead army was far superior to the high elven defense and soon Sylvanas was cornered and killed by Arthas himself. In an act of revenge he rose her as an undead banshee and she unwillingly helped him in his endeavors. Eventually she was able to break lose from Arthas and together with Varimathras, fled to the abandoned city of Lordaeron where she established the forsaken capital of Undercity and joined the Horde after.



5. King Anasterian Sunstrider

Anasterian Sunstrider was the last high elf king of Quel’Thalas, the father of Kael’Thas Sunstrider and Great-Grandson of the famous Dath’Remar Sunstrider who was the leader of the highborn elves who survived the War of the Ancients. Anasterian was king of Quel’Thalas for 3000 years and played major roles in the lore and the history of the blood elves but Arthas killed him in the invasion of Quel’Thalas plunging the high elven race into despair.


6. Antonidas

Antonidas was the leader of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran and teacher to the archmage Jaina Proudmoore. He was killed by Arthas during the invasion of Dalaran. Antonidas was considered the monarch of Kirin Tor and Dalaran by other monarchs although never officially considered as King. This happens in Warcraft III.



7. Mal’Ganis

Mal’Ganis was one of the Nathrezim deadlords sent by Archimonde to head up the plot to turn Prince Arthas to darkness, and make him the Lich King’s greatest champion. Arthas initially believed Mal’Ganis to be the mastermind behind the Scourge and the plague. Arthas was first able to confront the dreadlord during the Culling of Stratholme but this was only a taunting maneuver by Mal’Ganis to lead Arthas to Northrend. Following the campaign in Northrend Arthas caught up to Mal’Ganis and finally cornered him. Mal’Ganis thought that Ner’zhul the Lich King will instruct Arthas not to kill him but to his surprise Arthas slained him without any hesitation. This all enacts in Wacraft III. It is known that dreadlords death is only Azeroth’s manifestation and when a dreadlord is killed he is only returned to the Twisting Nether so Mal’Ganis is presumably alive and well to this day but his days on Azeroth were over. Mal’Ganis showed him self as the disguised leader of the Scarlet Onslaught later in another return to Azeroth.



8. Sapphiron

Sapphiron was an agent of the blue dragonflight who had guarded a treasure hoard in the mountains of Northrend. After being slain by Arthas Menethil, the dragon was raised as a powerful frost wyrm and sent to the halls of Naxxramas, where he guards the inner sanctum of the citadel’s dread master, Kel’Thuzad



9. The Forgotten One

The forgotten ones are massive and powerful tentacle-bearing aberrations living in the deepest reaches of Azjol-Nerub. Forgotten ones are eager to return to the world above.[2] One appeared in a mission in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, where it was defeated by Arthas and Anub’arak as they journeyed through the lower reaches of Azjol-Nerub.

The forgotten ones lead the mysterious faceless ones. They can “spawn” armies of tentacles to aid. It is thought that they are servants of the Old Gods.



10. Dranosh Saurfang

Dranosh Saurfang, often called the Young Saurfang, was a brave Orcish warrior who confronted Arthas, together with Bolvar Fordragon, at the battle of the Wrathgate in Northrend during the World of Warcraft expansion – Wrath of the Lich King. In this epic cinematic Saurfang charges Arthas but was killed with a single hit and then resurrected as one of the bosses in Icecrown Citadel. Bolvar Fordragon also gets killed in this confrontation but not to the hands of Arthas but to the hands of the forsaken betrayers.