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Blighted's Complete Insane Guide
<Reign Supreme>
Table of Contents:
-FAQ about Insane in the Membrane
-Tools and preparation
-Brief tactics and overview of the reputations
-The Factions - Let's get it started!
         -Bloodsail Buccaneers

Steamwheedle Cartel
-Darkmoon Faire
Insane in the Membrane is a feat of strength commonly known as one of the hardest things to do in the game and rewarding the rare and prestigous title "the Insane". Altho is well known by some players, the vast majority of players know the title but don't know where it comes from and know little about these uncommon Classic reputations involved. There are alot of myths over the internet and the in-game community how you can accomplish this feat and what you need to do but don't worry in this special guide everything you need to know will be explained as well as some unique and fast techniques to do it without spending tens of thousands of gold and with alot of gold coming back to you while and after you are done with it. What you need is to raise your repuation with:

Honored Bloodsail Buccaneers
Exalted Steamwheedle Cartel:
       -Booty Bay
Exalted Shen'dralar
Exalted Darkmoon Faire
Exalted Ravenholdt

What scares people at first sight is the 7 exalted reputations but they are in fact 4. Steamwheedle Cartel you can count as one as you raise your reputation with it simultaneously with all 4 Goblin cities.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for me and am i ready for this?
Despite the community's opinion the farm needed isn't that great as the first impressions are. Don't get fooled, if you are the type of player that hates farming and gets bored fast from doing the same thing for some time maybe you are not ready for this but the fact is that some part of the feat is done with money or if you invest and don't want to farm u can do half of it sitting infront of the AH. So with some good will and some starting gold you can feel quite ready to start it.

How much time and gold do i need?
The time needed is very personal-oriented. The whole operation took me nearly 2 months and most of it because of the Darkmoon Faire arrivals. The Bloodsail Buccaneers and the Steamwheedle Cartel i did within 5 days with some good amount of time spent in the game. The Shen'dralar took me a few days ( everything about every faction will be explained in vast details below ). Ravenholdt few days and Darkmoon took me the rest. The message i want to deliver to people is this - Many people told me after i did the feat that i can spend alot of time in the game and that's why i did it and believe me you will get the same dumb answer too. Well that is totally wrong because it's all about what you do while you are online, most of the people do dailies, idle for hours in Ironforge/Orgrimmar/Dalaran and all kind of stuff. Well if you don't do these and focus on your goals you will spend your time efficient and with 2 hours per day you can still do it in 1-2 months or even less.
About the gold you need. I've asked people who got it before i even start it and i had ridicilus answers like 40k to even 80k gold spent. Well that is bullshit. You only need some starting gold like 15k to have just in case. You won't spend them all and what is most important with my guide not only you will regain these 15k but you will even make more with the right tools and professions.

Important! Do i need to be Honoured with Bloodsail Buccaneers and Exalted with Steamwheedle Cartel at the same time?
NO! This is the thing that amazes me. All over the internet including guides , WoWwiki , tell you that you need to be but they are all wrong. Achievements do not work like that , you only need to hit the required faction once and it counts. The whole misunderstanding costs 42,000 reputation with Steamwheedle Cartel to be meaningless farmed for nothing, which is alot of time and boring farm.

Is there any order in which i should start farming the reputations?
Yes. As Bloodsail Buccaneers and Steamwheedle Cartel are closely linked with each other you should do Bloodsail Buccaneers first and after that start the Steamwheedle Cartel since you lose reputation with the goblins when you raise your Bloodsail.

Is my realm's population and economy important for me to succeed?
Yes. Since you will turn to the AH for some of the ingridients needed, your realm's economy matters. The more your AH is stocked the better. Also good populated realms can offer you player-to-player exchange in the Trade Channel.

I am a human , i am very suitable for this?
Yes. Human's immense racial ability to get 10% more reputation plays its biggest toll exactly here. Lucky!
Tools and Preparation
Tools are essential to the cause. They will make things go faster and on them depends the gold you will spend on this title. Remember that you can do this without any of the Tools but they are highly recommended so try to get as many as you can if not all of them. Some include real life tools like paper and a pen.

A paper and a pen - You will need it for Darkmoon Faire. It will be explained in faction's section.
Calculator - One of the most important tools. Get a real one or use the computer's one because you will need it.

Mailbox - If you are an engineer get MOLL-E if not Argent Pony it costs 150 Champion's Seal from Argent Tournament. You also need to be Crusader to purchase it. Alliance / Horde. You will need this portable mailboxes because most of the reputation are prehistoric and use items that are Unique and you can't hold more than one in your character which can cause serious trouble and losses.

Deployment vehicle - You will need some fast accessible vendor to unload the unnessecary farm load to make space in your bags and gold. Choices are again MOLL-E , Jeeves / Scrapbot for the engineers and Traveler's Thundra Mammoth for the rich ones - 16,000 gold for the exalted ones with Kirin Tor.

Gold - As i mentioned above you will need some starting gold. Make sure you own at least 10-15k or more if you have.

Professions - As you can see Engineers can make their life much easier with the tools they posses but in case you are not it's not a big deal. I have Inscription and Enchanting. Inscription helped me with creating Darkmoon cards and provided me with an extra hearthstone via Scroll of Recall and Enchanting helped me get some good amount of gold from disenchanting green items and get the needed Large Brilliant Shards for free. Another vital profession is Herbalism It can help you alot with herbs needed for Inscriptionists to create your Darkmoon Cards. Not mandatory since you can spend some gold on herbs of the AH.

Alts or Friends - A rogue alt that is at least 60 level can handle your whole Ravenholdt reputation or a friend's rogue that is willing to help you or lend you his character so you can farm with it. I had access to a friend's rogue but decided to level up my own to 60 with all the hierlooms, and frankly it took me only 2 days to do it while i had nothing to farm for my reputations.

Cloths - You will need all of the classic cloths Linen , Wool , Silk , Mageweave and Runecloth. Farm or buy them except the Runecloth as you will get this one with the farming process. How much you need you can read in the Steamwheedle Cartel section.

Pristine Black Diamonds - Try to get your hands on any free diamonds that you can get as most of these will cost you the larger amount spent on the whole feat of strenght. Check your old bankcharacters, friends since some of the older players might keep some of them forgotten in a dusty corner of his bag slot. But don't worry if you can't get any that way , i couldn't as well. We've sold ours for coppers or to vendors in the early TBC times when they were no longer in great use and the title wasn't implemented yet.
Brief tactics and overview of the reputations
My advice is that you start with Bloodsail Buccaneers , then go for the Steamwheedle Cartel. Then go for the Shen'dralar and Ravenholdt as Steamwheedle farming is closely connected to Shen'dralar as i will explain in the reputation sections. Darkmoon Faire and Ravenholdt stay separate from the other group so you can do them meanwhile or after you are done with the ones above. The farmable reputations are basicly the pirates , the goblins , Ravenholdt and abit Shen'dralar as Darkmoon Faire is mostly AH-related.

Levels of Reputation:
Hated - You are at war with the faction. Mobs will attack you on sight.
Hostile - You are at war with the faction. Mobs will attack you on sight.
Unfriendly - You are no longer at war. Mobs will not attack you but you can attack them.
Neutral - You are at peace. Mobs will not attack you. Faction can now give you quests.
Friendly - You get 5% discount for purcahsing items from the faction. In some cases more quests are unlocked
Honored - You get 10% discount for purcahsing items from the faction. In some cases more quests are unlocked
Revered - You get 15% discount for purcahsing items from the faction. In some cases more quests are unlocked
Exalted - The best rewards are avaliable from the faction and u have 20 % discount. You can raise your bar to be full exalted for 1000 rep. just for the pretty looks (unfilled Exalted Bars look not nice next to filled).
0-84000 (85000 with full exalted bar) repuation from Hated - Exalted is the total amount of reputation with a faction.Only few factions can let you fall or raise them between all those levels. One of them is the Bloodsail Bucaneers and Steamwheedle Cartel.
The Factions
Bloodsail Buccaneers
Grinding that is easy and no big philosophy. Go to Booty Bay, declate them war (  At War ) and start killing guards.

Booty Bay Bruiser: 25 rep gained

Booty Bay Elite: 25 rep gained

Baron Revilgaz: 5 rep gained

Blackwater Deckhand: 5 rep gained

Everytime you kill a Booty Bay guard , your reputation with all of the Steamdweedle Cartel will dramaticaly decrease. But don't worry , thats part of the plan. If you want this to be not more than 2-3 hours of farm , get a friend or shout in town to gather a raid , tell people that there is a fancy feats of strenght , a title and some nice pirate clothes involved. Once you are in Booty Bay spread and start killing. Took me and some friends that did it later max of 3 hours.
Once you reach
Neutral , kill one guard more so you get past 1/3000 Neutral and go on the south Cove and talk with Fleet Master Firallon in the middle ship. He will reward you with a bag that holds some pirate clothes with Dressing the Part quest . Keep them they are for fun.

Bloodsail Boots
Bloodsail Sash
Bloodsail Pants
Bloodsail Shirt

Friendly with Bloodsail Pretty Boy Duncan will offer you Avast Ye, Scallywag quest which is a simple talk to Firallon quest so you can be introduced to the next one. Totaly Optional , if you don't want to waste time you can pass this quest, it only gives 10 rep.
When you talk to Firallon at
Friendly he will offer you the quest - Avast Ye, Admiral! . The quest rewards the title "Bloodsail Admiral", Bloodsail Admiral's Hat and the Feat of Strength - Avast Ye, Admiral!
After you enjoy that you must keep on until you hit Honored since this is what you need for Insane. For the more devoted farmers you can easily get to 11999/12000. After this point no npcs will give you reputation. Though Blizzard forgot about one - Jazzrik <Blacksmithing Supplies> in Badlands ( the one you turn in Blue pearls for his quest ). He has an approximate 6 mins respawn time and gives 5 rep per kill. For humans it is 5 , 6 , 5 , 6 ... Good luck for the ones that want to go for Exalted. In case you are one of them you might want to keep your Avast Ye, Admiral! for 20999/21000 revered because this is when Jazzrik stops giving rep and you need the quest to pass this barrier and hit Exalted. Rough math calculations lead to estimated 20 days of playtime without losing a respawn of Jazzrik to get exalted. If you don't rush and let's say have work to do on the PC , you can log in your character next to Jazzrik and only alt tab back to the game every 6 mins to kill him. If you take it slowly and steady you can hit exalted sooner or later.
Steamwheedle Cartel
Basic - Steamwheedle Cartel consists of 4 reputations that can easily be considered as 1. Why? Because everything we will do will raise reputation with all of the 4 factions tough not equaly so even when you get one of them to exalted you have to wait for the rest to rise up. Another thing that can matter is have you or have you not done the so nice 30-45 lvl quests in booty bay. As any true valued leveler you can't miss these leveling jewels called Booty Bay and Gadgetzan. In case you are one of the few that haven't actualy done these quests you can do them after we are done with getting the reputation back to Neutral. So , we are Hated now with all of the Steamwheedle factions. Get your hands on the following , and you will get your reputation back to Neutral in no time.

Each of the 4 cities have a NPC that doesn't hate you and let you turn in some clothing to earn their respect back. Avaliable cloths are:

Booty Bay :
Bloodsail Traitor offering repeatable quest asking for 40 Silk Cloth and 4 Dye. In return he offers:
+500 Booty Bay reputation (+550 for human)
+250 Everlook, Gadgetzan and Ratchet reputation (+275 for Human)

Ratchet :
Mupsi Shacklefridd offering repeatable quest asking for 40 Linen Cloth and 4 Empty Vials. In return she offers:
+500 Ratchet reputation (+550 for Human)
+250 Booty Bay, Gadgetzan and Everlook reputation (+275 for Human)

Rumsen Fizzlebrack offering repeatable quest asking for 40 Mageweave Cloth and 4 Strong Flux. In return he offers:
+500 Gadgetzan reputation (+550 for Human)
+250 Booty Bay, Ratchet and Everlook reputation (+275 for Human)

Bronn Fitzwrench offering repeatable quest asking for 40 Runecloth and 4 Coal. In return he offers:
+500 Everlook reputation (+550 for Human)
+250 Booty Bay, Ratchet and Gadgetzan reputation (+275 for Human)

Assuming we go for the lowest AH prices of the cloths ( as i did too ) we start with Silk cloth and Booty Bay. So let's prepare the cloth needed with the Power of Math.

Booty Bay:
I need 42000 reputation , each turn of 2 stacks give me 500. 42000:500 = 84 turn ins x 2 stacks each = 168 stacks of Silk Cloth. 84 turn ins x 4 Red Dye = 336 Red Dye. Considering they stack only by 10 + the silk cloth you have to wear in your bags , you will need shitload of free space.
I am Human - 154 stacks and 308 Red Dye using the same math.

So summary for
Neutral Booty Bay = 168 stacks of Silk Cloth and 336 Red Dye.

Your standings now will be:
Neutral 0/3000 Booty Bay
Hated 15000/36000 with the other 3 cities

Let's move to Ratchet as second city to rise. We are 15000/36000
Hated at the moment so we need 21000 reputation to hit Neutral. 21000 : 500 rep/turn in = 42 turn ins. 42 x 2 stacks each = 84 stacks of Linen Cloth along with 168 Empty Vials.
Human - 21000:550 rep/turn in = 39 turn ins x 2 stacks = 78 stacks of Linen Cloth along with 156 Empty Vials.

Your standings now will be:
Honored Booty Bay
Neutral Ratchet
Hated with Gadgetzan and Everlook

Next one we pick Everlook because chosing between Mageweave and Runecloth .... is weird ! We pick Runecloth and we go to Everlook way there in the far Winterspring loaded with:
From 4500
Hated to Neutral are exactly 10500 reputation. 10500: 500 = 21 turn ins x 2 stacks = 42 stacks of Runecloth and 84 Coal.
Humans- 10500:550= ~20 turn ins to be sure = 40 stacks of Runecloth and 80 Coal.

Your standings now will be:
Honored Booty Bay
Friendly Ratchet
Neutral Everlook
Hostile Gadgetzan

So the last one is Gadgetzan with its expensive Mageweave. But don't worry we will need only 22 stacks of it and we are done! Math powered:
Neutral we need 3000+2250 = 5250 rep. 5250 : 500 per turn in = 10.5 turn ins x 2 stacks each = (21) make them 22 stacks of Mageweave and 42 Strong Flux.
Humans - 5250 : 550 = 9.5 , lets say 10 turn ins again x 2 stacks weach = 20 stacks of Mageweave and 40 Strong Flux.

Your standings will be:
Honored Booty Bay
Friendly Ratchet
Neutral Everlook
Neutral Gadgetzan

So let's SUM everything needed for all 4 factions in case you want to buy it / farm it all at once:

                               Normal                Human
(cloths in stacks)

Silk Cloth                168                       154
Red Dye                  336                       308

Linen Cloth              84                         78
Empty Vials            168                       156

Runecloth                 42                         40
Coal                          84                         80

Mageweave             22                          20            
Strong Flux               42                          40

No matter we have
Honored and Friendly in our Reputation Tab , its doesn't count because they truly are like Neutral. We level all of them so the lowest is the one actual and it is Neutral. Anyway, now that we are done with this we have to move on and start working on getting Exalted. But how and which way to do it :
Debate over the internet - What should we pick to rise our reputation from Neutral to Exalted. Answer is very very simple. I don't know why there is any debate on that subject but indeed the foolishness of people is limitless. The simple answer is Dire Maul. Why?

World Pirate farming :

1. If you have a free spawn rate for yourself it might reach higher rep/hour than Dire Maul.

1. There is a huge % that someone will be also there farming pirates or just leveling and will mess with your spawn , altering your rep/hour to less than DM.
2. You gain nothing from farming the pirates except of some mageweave/silk/linen cloth.
3. Each pirate kill gives 2.5 ( once 2 next time 3 ) and additional 2.5 to the nearby city. You have to kill roughly 8000 pirates with nothing exciting to expect from them to drop. This can get really boring and demoralising.

Dire Maul farming :

1. You can make insane amount of money while farming. Bosses drop greens, so if you are an Enchanter like i am, you will get hundreds of Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dusts. Some good amount of looted gold for the Loot gold achivement and tons of Runecloth.  But for this ... later.
2. DM North drops the three librams you need for Shen'dralar which will be your next reputation to rise. So unless you want to buy them off the AH and spend several thousand gold, you can get some of them for free !
3. Another secret way to do alot alot of money from DM but for this ... later again.

1. Since the key is chance to drop , well , we all know how much luck can sucks.
If you chose the Pirate way , there isn't much to be explained. Just go and farm pirates where it suits you a.k.a outside Ratchet or Tanaris or Bloodsail in Stranglethorn ( which will be Hated with you ). If you ask me Ratchet might turn to be the fastest but the most low profitable. At least in Stranglethorn when you kill Bloodsail pirates ( and you are going to kill alot) there is a chance that you will find Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) - .

If you chose Dire Maul. Let's clarify where and what you have to do. Dire Maul is divided into 3 instances. Community calls them :

Dire Maul East
- Free entrance. Home of Pusilin, that drops Crescent Key that you will NEED to open the other 2 instances.

Dire Maul West - Requires the key to enter. Home of the Shen'dralar library and the prison of Immol'thar.

Dire Maul North - This is where you farm ! This is the instance of the Ogre kingdoom of Gordok and it's King Gordok. Right at the entrance there is a connection with DM West directly into Shen'dralar's Library where you turn in Librams for their reputation. The instance itself consists of few guards and special ogre bosses. They keep a goblin prisoner lumberjack called Knot Thimblejack. He is shackled in chains and the key to free him has a chance to drop from the ogres in the instance. You don't need to accept any quest or do anything to have the key dropped, it just drops. it has a 2% chance to drop from normal ogres and around 16% to drop from the Ogre Guards - Mol'dar , Slip'kik , Fengus , Kromcrush and the ogre which runs to you when you pick up the Ogre Tanin - Gordok Bushwacker, which according to wowhead has a drop of 25% of the key. Well for me it had as much as the other guards - 17%. After you find the key you go to Knot and talk to him. You say "So i found this key..." and he then gives you the quest Free Knot!. It rewards +350 reputation with the whole Steamwheedle Cartel (+385 Humans), while it doesn't destroy your Bloodsail reputation , just like farming pirates other than Bloodsails ( for the ones that want to stay Honored Bloodsail Buccaneers and Exalted Steamwheedle Cartel at the same time for fun.)
Knot can be freed once per run and you can wear one key since it is Unique. Average expectancy for keydrops is like 1 per run which is what you want. Sometimes you will get two which is the best option. You will use the one to free him in the current run and take the second that dropped for the next run. That way you will have a good combo of having one key ahead in case you encounter a dry run - without any key ( which will happen every now and then ). In case you have freed Knot and you have found another key, you don't have to go up and kill the last guard - Kromcrush.

When freed, Knot runs away and leaves a Cache behind. It contains various leathers and cloths and has a chance to contain additional Ogre Tanin and 4 epic LW recipes that are all BOE and can be sold in the AH. The time i did this , they went for like 100-150g each. And through all the runs i found alot and made significant gold from them.
Pattern: Belt of the Archmage
Pattern: Hide of the Wild
Pattern: Chromatic Cloak
Pattern: Shifting Cloak

Meeting Knot you will also notice he offers another quest called - The Gordok Ogre Suit giving you
+250 rep  (+275 humans) with all the Cartel when you first do this quest and +75 (+82.5 humans) for every repeat after. This is the famous quest for making the Ogre Suit that is usable outside the instance and is really popular shifting item. The items needed in the quest are obtained through AH , farming and trade except for one - Ogre Tanin. You have one guaranteed tanin per run and 35% to have more in Knot's Cache. And here it is the big hint with this cache. You keep collecting the tanins and the mats from it and in the end it will almost pay you the whole Ogre suit items needed. The Rune thread you supply from tailor suppliers and Rugged Leather you might buy some for start off the AH and then the cache will supply you the rest. The Runecloth also comes from the run for free.

When i first went there i totaly forgot where the ogre tanin basket was. If you don't want to get confused , as soon as you reach Knot , you continue , you climb a big ramp up and there behind the bonfire is the Ogre tanin basket.

So Summing all this means = 350 rep  + 75 rep = 425 rep per run or 467.5 rep for Humans. One run takes approximately 15 mins with the coming back and resetting. It can take much less but you will have alot of "You have entered too many instances recently" and wasting time outside sitting and waiting. So better stay in , put on the in-game Stopwatch and run it On everytime you enter. Kill everything for money and libram drops so you fulfil the time needed per run, which is 5 instances per hour set by Blizzard. Meaning 60:5 = 12 mins per run. If you go faster than that , try to slow down and kill more stuff inside.

How many runs expect me:
Predicting how much runs you are going to do is pretty .... unpredictable. It is like that because of the variable chance to drop of the key, wether or not people want to bother with the Ogre Suit quest ( read next paragraph before thinking to do so ). So there are the numbers:
Doing only Free Knot! - 42000rep : 350 rep = 120 times or 109 for humans (times turning the quest, not runs, because you may have the so called "dry run" without findin a key).
Doing Both - 42000rep: 425 rep = 99 times or 90 times for human. This is what i did. I collected the 100% tanin every run and in the end wasted all my tanins on suits.
Assuming you want to ignore SOME of the suit turn ins lets say something average between only free knot runs and both -
120+90(/2) or 109+90(/2)humans = 105 times and 100 times turning the quest in for humans.

Farming DM helps me with my next mission - Shen'dralar:
Yes. The three libram types needed for Shen'dralar drop in DM North including Pristine Black Diamonds:
Libram of Protection
Libram of Rapidity
Libram of Focus
As many things connected with Insane , these librams are too , Unique. You can have only one of each type in your bags/bank. Meaning that this might become cruel. It happened to me , it will happen to you too. I got a Libram of Focus drop. I collected it and not long after another one , of course Focus again, dropped. I didn't want to lose it but i couldn't pick it. It happened twice. Once i used Argent Pony ( which makes my Argent Squire pet to act as a mail/bank every 4 hours) and next time i had it on cooldown so i had to Hearthstone to Feathermoon Stronghold , send the Libram in my bags to an Alt and then run back fast to DM to pick the other one before it has disappeared from the corpse. You have enough time to reach the 2nd libram before despawning if you use Waterwalking elixir and mount up right through the water.

Making the big money out of it. 4 Sources of cash in DM.

. If you are an Enchanter, gratz- Killing the guards gives green items (if you kill King Gordok you make blues and guards sometimes drop blues but more rarely than greens ). Don't forget to kill the Drunk Ogre too since it regulary drops green mug which can be sold/disenchanted into fine enchanting mats. I've made hundreds of dust and essences throughout my stay in DM. If you aren't an Enchanter you will have to stay with the gold the greenies give. It will be significantly less but the hundreds of greenies you are going to sell for few gold each will stil make you few thoudsand gold. ( for enchanters is more !!!) You don't believe ?
4 guards dropping a 100% greenie and 1 more ogre with 35% dropping his mug. thats roughly 4.5 items x
2g each (some are 4-5g)= 9g - 15g from boss items only *we dont count the random green drops per run that are at least 2-3* . Well multiply it by 100 runs and u will get a 1000g - 1500g only from these items in case you are not enchanter. If you are an Enchanter you can multiply by 5 and more. Green items are high ilvl and sometimes 1 greenie weapon disenchants into 4 Greater Eternal Essences which on my realm are 10g each so 40g out of 1 item. !!!  One way to sort the problem if you aren't Enchanter is to be in group with one. He only needs to be online , he doesn't need to be in the instance or near. So you can make a deal or have a friend that you can log to stay on.

2. The epic recipes that drop from the cache. Depending on your realm's price of these recipes and the ppl's need , the money you will make vary alot. I found around 8 recipes. Sold some of them for 150g others for 100 and another ones for 75g. Approx i can say that i earned around 800-1000g from them.

3. You are going to make insane amounts of runecloth. This is how much runecloth i did after paying for all the ogre suits ( more than 100) - As you can see on the Runecloth tooltips in-game i have a counter. The total runecloth on this character is 5280 , dividing into 20 a stack = 264 stacks. If i want to sell them ( and Runecloth sells fast) for the average price of 4g on my realm, here is another 1000g profit for me.

4. The Ogre Suits - Here is the deal . People actualy buy this for fun in the AH. On my realm the AH had a few of them at the price of 60 , 70 and i don't think anyone was buying them , despite that people really want to pay up some gold occasionaly just to have fun abit. So i decided to try making the Ogre Suits and not clicking them on me right away or destroying them ( They are also UNIQUE FFS ) and sell them for 49,99g and to see what will happen. So i developed a plan. Here it is:
Due to the big "Unique" problem i can't hold more than 1 ogre suit in me. I decided to stockpile the ogre tanin and the mats i get from the cache until lets say 20 ogre tanins. When i reached 20 ogre tanins , i supply the rest of the mats needed for 20 ogre suits and get them all on me. I go to Knot i have my Pony up or if you have friends that have MOLL-E and can come put it for you or you are engineers with it , you stretch your fingers, put the portable mailbox and start completing ( aka making ) Ogre suits and sending them to an alt right away.  Make 1 suit , send it fast to an alt. Considering the Argent Squire mailbox lasts only like 4 mins, you might not be able to make and send 20 ogre suits. If you are fast and you can do it , you are settled, but if you can't handle 20 in 4 mins you better ask a engineer friend to put up a MOLL-E ( 10 mins are more than enough ) or just lower to like 12-15 ogre suits quotas.
So assuming people like Ogre suits as much as they do on my realm and trade goes good at
49.99g, be ready for some mindblowing cashflow. I made around 100 Suits. Not only that i sold all of them but i had regular customers that were sending me in-game mails if i can supply the AH with more , because after i was done with the reputation the Ogre Suits were no more in the AH. so 100x49.99g = 4990g. Yes and it is true !

So Let's summ all the 4 sources:

1. Sadly i can't say even approximately how much gold i have made from 1. but it is more than 1000g. For the sake of the unbelievers i will count it as only
1000g ( as much as a non enchaneter will earn ).
2. I'll take the lowest number here
1000g from runecloth
4990 g from ogre suits ( they are rare and hard to make , 50g is nothing so people really buy it )
1000g+800g+1000g+5000g = 7800g while farming for Insane in DM !!! If you tell people you don't waste but you actualy earn while doing insane none will believe you.

Quick Path on your way through DM North.
You enter the instance and the first Guard you encounter is Mol'dar. He drops Gordok Inner Door Key. This key is used at the end of the instance to open the door to the last boss and Guard Kromcrush
(who as i said already might be skipped if Knot is freed and you have a second key dropped). The gate to Shen'dralar Library is also located near.
After you kill him you go up the ramp and meet the Drunk Ogre. Kill him take his loot and move on. He can drop the most insanely rare alcohol in the game - Cuergo's Gold with Worm.  
Next Guard you encounter is Fengus who patrols around the middle platform. You will notice a chest, loot the key from it , you will have to open the gate infront with it.
Screenie - here.
After , you encounter Knot and the nearby patroling guard Slip'kik.
Free Knot if you have the key and continue on the ramp up , where Slip is patroling.
Take a look at Knot - here
So going up the ramp , infront you have a bonfire and 2 warlock ogres , behind that bonfire is a basket that you loot your 1 Ogre Tanin from. If you have freed Knot and want to search for another key at this particular run or if you miss a key yet, you should continue up on the ramp. You will reach the door that is opened by Gordok Inner Door Key looted from the first guard - Mol'dar.
Gordok Shackle Key Drop rates for me:
Gordok Bushwacker 18% (16/90)
Guard Slip'kik 18% (18/98)
Guard Fengus 16% (16/98)
Guard Mol'dar 9% (10/90)
Captain Kromcrush 8% (2/24)
Gordok Mage-Lord 2% (26/1430)
Gordok Reaver 1% (10/1022)
Gordok Warlock 1% (14/1200)